Leggings or Harem Pants for Yoga?

What do you wear to your yoga class? Leggings, harem pants or maybe even your favorite pair of short shorts? I have to admit that living in England it is rare that I get my shorts on for yoga. I also have to admit that until recently I had never worn a pair of harem pants. I have always thought that the people who wear them look amazing but being my clumsy self I would probably end up tripping over my baggy legs. They do however look extremely comfortable so I thought that I’d get myself some and try them out during a class.

Leggings have always been my go-to clothing item, mainly because of the easiness of them. In recent years leggings have made their way into most ladies’ wardrobes. I’ve also noticed a lot of men wearing leggings (as you can see in this video by Travis Eliot), especially at the gym. You can find them in almost any shop and they do look good with almost anything. You can go straight from yoga to the shops, which is my second favorite love.

Harem pants on the other hand; where do you even find these if you don’t like online shopping? I don’t think that I have ever seen a pair in a shop (maybe I am just not looking in the right places). But determined to try them I logged into Amazon and bought my first pair. Now for an even trickier decision: what shoes do you wear with harem pants on the way to and from a class? For some reason, I just couldn’t imagine them looking as good with my comfy trainers as they do barefoot. Luckily this week it has been rather warm so I didn’t look too strange wearing my holiday flip-flops. Check out this video by Elise Buch who reviews the Bohemian harem pants for yoga.

At first, I thought that the harem pants might restrict my movements but they proved me wrong and I felt as free as a bird. The grip on my leg was a bit of an issue as the harem pants were so smooth. I had to concentrate a lot harder than normal to hold the tree pose but this was not enough of an issue for me to want to rip them off and finish the class in my knickers. The best thing about them was that they looked cute. They fitted lovely. I even received a compliment for them (let’s face it, we all like a compliment).

I think that I will always be a bigger fan of leggings for practicing yoga, but I will definitely be keeping my very comfy and floaty harem pants for when I want to practice on hotter days.

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